Pharma und Medizinprodukte Online Marketing

Pharma Online Marketing / Digital Strategy
Roadmap to Transformation Program

Step-by-Step Plan: Ideas, Tips, Tools, Techniques

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Practical Guide with Tips for Success


- Enhance online-visibility and attractiveness of the brand
- Increase qualified organic traffic - Become a "go-to-place" for a specific topic

- Get more leads
- Win new customers, bind existing customers
- Increase revenue and grow market share

Conceptual Approach
- A dynamic, iterative process
- Logical sequence of consecutive steps where each step builds upon the previous one


A) Identify target groups' needs
- "We do not create needs, we meet needs"
- Understand pain points and problems of customers

B) Analyse current status
- Competitor analysis
- Gaps in current brand vocabulary

C) Scientific basis
Review publications
Use citations / references as credible sources

D) Focus on the right Keywords
"Getting the keywords wrong is like building a house on the wrong foundation"

A decisive, but often underestimated factor: Identify the right keyword combination and the right order of keywords These should differentiate the brand from competitors

Note: A retrospective analysis of historical data (e.g. via Google Keyword Planner, Google Auto-complete / Suggest, Keyword Search Volume), or simple slogans or "trophy terms" will not be sufficient.

E) Start with SEO techniques
"SEO is not a standalone activity, but an element of online marketing"
Employ white-hat SEO techniques considering Google's E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) using the best from the 34-page SEO Guide on »

F) Facilitate good Click-Through-Rates (CTR) for shown search results
Ensure attractive descriptions to motivate the reader to click

G) Facilitate good Conversion Rates (CR) on landing pages
("Traffic is useless if it does not convert") - Ensure attractive "lead magnet"
- Examples: Checklist, guide, tips, coupon, link to video, etc
- Ensure a clear call to action (CTA) to engage the user

H) Create Content

- Develop architecture of content (e.g. main and secondary headlines)
- Develop high-quality content with the right keyword density
- Taking into account legal restrictions ("Heilmittelwerbegesetz")
- Use attention-getting words (but no "click-bait")
- Employ user-centric language (e.g. using "you" instead of "we")
- Craft concise, pithy, persuasive messages that matter (bullet points)
- "Every word must tell, every word must sell"
- Write short pieces of educational copy (unbranded "evergreens")
- Copy should touch people also on an emotional level:
- Give suggestions for human interest stories ("story telling", ("connecting and sharing")
- Write draft of business-oriented "Frequently Asked Questions" ("FAQs")
- Examples: Why, how, when, etc
- Investigate if FAQs can be endorsed by a KOL and be put on the website
- FAQs facilitate the inclusion in data bases Google / Apple use in voice recognition systems
- Keep content "fresh for Google": Ensure a flow of posts (Do not post everything at once)
- Update and optimize: Tweak and fine-tune

I) Expreses content in various formats "Re-use, re-cycle, re-purpose"
- Text
- Images / Visuals / Infographics
- Audio
- Video

J) Suggest various digital communication channels
Recommendations for communication channels and electronic platforms to keep in touch, e.g. electronic newsletter, podcast

K) Customer Journey
Goal: Create a consistent, positive customer experience
Give recommendations on Multichannel marketing: Combining offline (print ads, brochures, etc) effectively with online activities (e.g., PDF version of guides and checklists), ask influencers to link to certain webpages, etc. in order to make the web presence a "go-to-place".

L) Facilitate meetings with stakeholders
In order to get buy-in and engagement from the business partners, several informal international digital meetings with key countries are planned to ask questions, get input, and present findings.

M) Timeline
Note: There is a lag time between implementation of SEO tactics and the actual impact seen on Google ranking ("SEO measures take time to bear fruit").